Author Interview: Erin Bedford

Q: How did you get into fantasy?

I’ve always loved reading fantasy. From Harry Potter to Anita Blake. So, it was pretty simple to figure out that was the kind of stories I wanted to tell. Eventually, I might expand into more contemporary or maybe even Science fiction but at the moment Fantasy is my niche.

Q: What is your latest fantasy release?

My latest release is Bound by Hell. It is book two of my new Urban Fantasy Series, The Mary Wile Chronicles. The series follows a former archangel turned detective as she tries to find her way back to heaven and get revenge on the demons who hurt her. It’s honestly becoming one of my favorite series to write!

Q: What inspired you to write your first fantasy book? How long did it take?

My first fantasy book was a fantasy romance called Flames of Auriel. It has since then been renamed to Song of Blood and Fire and is a series of standalones in the prelude of a global war. I was inspired to write this story by one day wanting a more adult version of the cartoon Swan Princess, then it just evolved from there.

It took me about two weeks to write the first draft and then a month or so to edit it and then even longer for me to decide to publish it on my own.

Q: What sub-genre of fantasy do your books/series fall under? Is there a different sub-genre of fantasy that you would like to experiment writing in and why?

All of my books are fantasy of one kind or another. I have one that is fantasy romance, two series that are urban fantasy, and then a whole fairy tale bad boys series that is paranormal romance. In addition, I have a couple of standalones which are also paranormal romance.

Q: What makes your book(s)/series stand out?

I think, personally, it’s the humor. I’m not a very serious persona and always try to lighten the mood by throwing a bit of humor in (whether it be dark or not). To people in the real world I’m not that funny but ask any of my readers and they’ll say I’m a blast!

Q: How do you come up with your stories?

Depends. Since I do retellings of fairy tales alot of the times it’s just me changing the story to how I would have wanted it to turn out. With some of my other stories it’s usually just something as simple as a thought or image that flashes through my mind at random. My book Chasing Rabbits started from the Katy Perry song, Wide Awake.

Q: What is the next project you’re working on? When do you hope to have it available?

A: The current project I am working on is a paranormal romance called Granting Her Wish. It’ll be available at the end of the month and is available on all retailers while it is on preorder.

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