New Release: Dragon Spirit by Cory Reynolds

“Oh, sweet Death,
guide my talons to victory and stay for the feast.”

The dragon swears revenge, but the story begins with the woman who rides him.

First year troops Morrigan and her dragon are the Benandanti’s finest. She’s a surgeon with a samurai sword, and who needs a gun when you’ve got a dragon?

When an evil alliance is formed between the witches and the demons, a glimpse into Morrigan’s future could offer the hope that her people needs, but is the price too high for the Dragon Huntress?

Enjoy the story that begins the bond of vengeance, because everyone loves a good tale of revenge once in a while.

A little Golden Compass, a little Kill Bill, and a lot of dragon.

A new episode every 21 days. Always free in Kindle Unlimited.

The Dragon swore an oath.
He would guard the witch with his life.
A teenage girl would make him break it.

16 years of peace with the witches & demons has brought prosperity to the Benandanti, along with the new huntress high.

All that will change when Morgan, a hidden Benandanti girl is found and invited to enroll. Even if she wants to forfeit, she may not have a choice.

One thing that hasn’t changed: the witches still crave power. Passing the enrollment trial and discovering her spirit animal could have grave consequences. The kind that the witches yearn for.