New Release: Outrun by Annabel Chase

Sometimes what you can’t see is more dangerous than what you can…

Lucky me. It’s finally my fourth year at Spellslingers Academy of Magic and I’ve been so good at lurking in my roommates’ shadows that I’ve been tapped to participate in a special training assignment with the Agency of Magical Forces. When vampires start dropping dead from an unknown cause, it’s time to flex my magical muscles and help crack the case. With a sexy and mysterious supernatural by my side, we must figure out who’s behind the murders and stop the plague upon the vampires’ houses before it spreads beyond our control.

Can I lead the charge to prevent an epidemic from destroying civilization as we know it or am I destined to remain as invisible as the air I command?

Outrun: Spellslingers Academy of Magic, Keeper of the North (Book 1) is a paranormal/urban fantasy mystery with humor, action and adventure, a powerful heroine, and an otherworldly hero.

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