Author Interview: C. Gockel

Q: How did you get into fantasy and science fiction?

Fantasy and sci-fi are a great way to explore the big questions in a fun way: the nature of good and evil, what real heroism looks like, the balance of order and chaos, the boundary between man and machine. That is what has always drawn me to these genres.

Q: What is your latest fantasy release?

The most recent pure fantasy story I’ve written is called Rush. It’s part of the Once Upon a Kiss anthology. It’s a twist on Beauty and the Beast. One of my characters from Ragnarok, a Navy SEAL named Rush, is the beast. Rush has problems with women. I really wanted to write a standalone story that showed how he got to that point and write a realistic redemption for him.

I also have a sci-fi short that’s coming out soon in the Explorations: War anthology that fits the description of sci-fantasy. The premise of the anthology is that a distant sentient star is at war with humans. My contribution, Friendly Fire, features a Space Marine who becomes the target of an entity that is trying to help.

Q: What sub-genre of fantasy do your books/series fall under? Is there a different sub-genre of fantasy that you would like to experiment writing in and why?

My I Bring the Fire series is sci-fantasy with a hefty dose of myth. There is a lot of science in it, because I love science. Science and technology are human “magic.” I also love mythologies, especially the way they change from place to place and from time to time. It is very indicative of cultural circumstances. Loki is the hero in my I Bring the Fire series. My Loki isn’t “evil” and he wasn’t evil in every oral tradition either. Hel, in the Germanic tradition was also somewhat benevolent–not like Marvel’s version.
I’m currently branching off and writing sweet (no sex on the virtual page) paranormal romances in my I Bring the Fire universe. I want to play with ideas of soul mates, immortality, what it means to be “good,” and what it means to be powerful … there still is a lot of science in them. Is paranormal sci-fantasy romance a niche? I have four books planned … but I originally had only two books planned, so maybe that number will grow.

Q: Do you have a specific method for developing characters?

Nope. I fly by the seat of my pants and get to meet them as I go along.

Q: What do you think makes a good story?

In fantasy and sci-fi, characters have to be believable in order to suspend the disbelief in unbelievable situations.

Q: What fantasy book are you reading now? Are there any new authors that have caught your attention?

I just beta read a story for Becca Mills that has yet to be named … it was awesome. I found some great indie authors with series that I love and put them into this (currently free) anthology too.

Q: What was the most memorable moment in your publishing journey?

I received a note from a critically ill fan saying how much my books had helped him get through his illness. Delivering someone from pain, even if it’s just for a little while, means that I’ve done something worthwhile.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Find some good beta readers. You need people who like your work, but isn’t afraid to tell you where you go off course.

Also, don’t be afraid of free once you have a series of at least three out–especially if you have an overarching story line. Going permafree with Wolves , the first book in my Loki series, was a game changer for me. I also have a free lead in to my Archangel Project series, called Carl Sagan’s Hunt for Intelligent Life in the Universe. You don’t have to go permafree. Kindle Unlimited free days are a great option too. I do tri-monthly free runs of Archangel Down.

Q: Do you have a favorite character from your books and/or series?

Well, at this point, Loki is sort of my patron saint … or … um … whatever. So I gotta say Loki.

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Author Interview: Sarah Ashwood

Q: How did you get into fantasy? 

As I was watching Disney’s Sleeping Beauty the other night with my kids, I was reminded all over again why I love the fantasy genre. The magic, the grandness, the awe, the sweeping larger-than-life experiences that are unlike any other genre. Of course, Sleeping Beauty is technically a fairytale, but fairytales and fantasy are closely linked and overlap in many respects. I grew up devouring fairytales in books and movies, and I believe that was the foundation on which my love for fantasy was eventually built. In fact, hints of fairytales tend to find their way into all of my fantasy novels.

Q: What is your latest fantasy release? 

So far, I’ve released my fantasy novella, Amana, followed by my Sunset Lands Beyond trilogy. The third book in this trilogy, Aerisia: Field of Battle, is my latest release, but I have several more books in the works.

Q: What inspired you to write your first fantasy book? How long did it take? 

Basically two things: a love of speculative fiction and a sunset walk down a country road. If you’ve read (or eventually read) Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset, you’ll find both influences in the novel. The scene in the opening chapter where Hannah meets the Moonkind elder, Risean Wy’ Curlm, who whisks her away from her Colorado home to Laytrii’s palace in the land of Aerisia, was inspired by an incident in real life.

I used to walk/run country roads at evening when it was cooler, I had a neighbor who raised horses and had a huge, old stump in his pasture, and my overactive imagination sometimes tricked me into thinking that stump was something it wasn’t. Once, it was a bear, once a dog, once a stranger in flowing robes…which got me to thinking. What would happen if I actually ran across a stranger from another time period or world? Put all these factors together, and Aerisia was born. It took me a little over a year to write the rough draft of the entire trilogy, but much longer to revise and revise and revise it.

Q: What makes your series stand out?

I like to think it’s the aforementioned fairytale elements that snuck their way in. Even though it is a fantasy series, fairies, giants, and even unicorns are featured. They simply felt natural at the time, and now I love the fact that I went ahead and included them.


Q: Do you have a favorite character from your books and/or series?

Absolutely. I love all of the Simathe—a race of mysterious, immortal warriors. Little is known about them, and they are feared, in spite of their longstanding service to the land of Aerisia. My favorite of the Simathe is Ilgard, their High-Chief and ruler.

Q: Which of your books do you believe resonated with readers the most? Why do you think it received that attention? 

Book 3 has definitely received the best reviews and highest praise from readers. I was told by several that it made them cry, or that they cried all the way through it. I think this is because Book 3 deals the most with the more human side of a fantasy world: pain and sorrow and loss, but, finally, a glorious happy ending. It’s my favorite of the series, as well.

Q: What fantasy book are you reading now? Are there any new authors that have caught your attention?

Right now, I’m reading Coiled, a new release by H.L. Burke. This is a retelling of the Psyche and Eros myth, or the fairytale East of the Sun and West of the Moon—both of which are two of my favorite stories. I’m loving it so far, and will be reading more of Burke’s works. Before Coiled, I finished The Firethorn Crown, by Lea Doue, which is a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. (I told you like fairytales!) It was great, and I can’t wait to continue the series.

Q: What is the next project you’re working on? When do you hope to have it available?

Currently, I’m polishing a historical fiction novel set in ancient Rome. When I’ve completed that project, I’ll be starting a follow up series to my Aerisia trilogy. Enough readers have asked whether I was planning to continue the story that I have finally decided to do it. My goal is to write the first book during Nanowrimo and release it within the next few months—wish me luck!

Thank you Sarah Ashwood for participating in this author interview.
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Author Interview: Kay L. Ling

Q: How did you get into fantasy?

My librarian aunt gave me The Hobbit for Christmas when I was seven or eight, and that began my love for fantasy novels. I started writing my own fantasy stories during grade school. In one, mythical creatures lived and traveled inside a rainbow. In another, a bored sixth-grader turned her teacher into a maroon sofa and then teleported herself to London.

As a reader, I shy away from fantasy books that are mostly about wars and political intrigue. I prefer stories focused on adventure and a sense of wonder, so as an author, that’s what I write.

Q: What is your latest fantasy release?

Book 2 of the Gem Powers Series, Shadowglade, was published April 2017. The series opener, Beyond the Forest, is a standalone novel without loose or a cliffhanger ending, but the resolution opened the door to so many new adventures, I had to write Shadowglade to see what happened next! I’m currently editing Runes and Relics, due mid-October.

Q: What sub-genre of fantasy do your books fall under?

My books are portal stories. I didn’t realize portal novels were a sub-genre, much less how many existed, until I found a Goodreads list devoted to that category. The thing I like best about portal stories is that the world on the other side presents endless possibilities for the imaginative writer.

Q: What kind of reader typically picks up your books?

Readers who like upbeat stories and want to experience amazing and wondrous things. I don’t write gritty, dark fiction, and I’m not a fan of morally gray characters. I like characters who face tough choices but typically do the right thing. My books include adventure, humor, and a touch of romance, and since they’re G-rated, they appeal to a wide audience.

Q: What makes your series stand out?

It’s impossible to write a completely original book, but my series has a number of unusual elements. The magic system is based on actual gemstone folklore. My main character, Lana, is a young gemologist who delves into gem folklore and discovers she can draw arcane powers from gems. This ability eventually plunges her into adventures in a world inhabited by woodland gnomes, a world full of strange and powerful gems. The gnomes’ ruler, a gem master queen, has oppressed and enslaved the gnomes for centuries. I haven’t seen many books featuring gnomes, and most fantasy series have male villians. The gem master queen, Sheamathan, is a woodspirit, a being of my own invention who looks rather like a human, but there the similarities end. She’s centuries old and has some unusual characteristics. Sheamathan surrounds herself with a servant race of monstrous, deformed gnomes, and by the end of the first book Lana has become sympathetic toward them despite their appearance and behavior. Offhand, I can’t think of any novels where the monsters become sympathetic main characters later in the series. I think my books have quite a few original ideas that readers will enjoy.

Q: Do you have a favorite character from your books?

Definitely my main character Lana Grayson. She breaks all the fantasy heroine tropes. She’s not an orphan or a misfit. She’s a menopause baby whose two brothers are so much older they feel like uncles. She’s used to being around older folks, and sometimes prefers them to friends her own age. She develops powers, but doesn’t think of herself as a one-of-a-kind superhero. In the opening of Beyond the Forest, Lana is about to take over the family jewelry store, which has been owned by a Grayson for five generations. Lana is the sort of person you want as your best friend. She’s smart, loyal, and has a great sense of humor.

Q: Which character(s) have you enjoyed writing the most?

Oddly enough, my “monsters,” the breghlin. They’re crude, disgusting, and have little concept of right and wrong, but that’s part of their charm. As the series progresses, several of them show significant character development as they explore previously unimaginable concepts like self-restraint, generosity, and loyalty.

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Author Interview: Konstanz Silverbow

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Q: How did you get into fantasy?

As a child my Dad would read to my siblings and I. The one book I remember above all is The Hobbit. I loved the adventure, the magic, Dragons! And when I got old enough to read it on my own I did. This was my introduction to fantasy, and once I decided to write, I knew I wanted to write fantasy so I could tell stories with those same elements.

Q: What is your latest fantasy release?

Beauty’s Thief ~ a retelling of Beauty and the Beast!
Not every monster has claws—not every beauty is kind.
Born a princess, raised to be queen, but living as a servant, Avalyn never realized she would pay the price for her father’s mistakes. Now Avalyn is living in a castle not her own, a slave to an evil witch who wants revenge on the man who betrayed her trust and ruined her.

For Avalyn, her real punishment has yet to begin.
She will be cursed to work for the witch for the next one hundred years unless true love can find its way into the castle and into her heart.

Now the princess’s freedom rests in the hands of a lowly thief who cares only for himself.

Q: What inspired you to write your first fantasy book? How long did it take?

I have always loved dragons. But growing up it seemed that all the books I could find made dragons out to be evil. I wanted to write about dragons that were good. This inspired the character, Fuentes. Along those same lines, I was tired of reading about princesses needing saving. Which inspired Shanice. These two characters are the stars of my debut fantasy, Missing Royal.

Q: What sub-genre of fantasy do your books/series fall under? Is there a different sub-genre of fantasy that you would like to experiment writing in and why?

Most of the Finding Gold books fall under Fairy Tale Retellings. I would love to be able to write an epic fantasy like Lord of the Rings, or the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson.

Q: What makes your books stand out?

I like to take popular tropes, clichés, and origin stories and flip them on their heads. Such as princesses saving the prince and dragons being good.

Q: What was the worst piece of advice you had been given?

That probably has to be “Write what you know”. If I followed that advice I’d never be able to write about different worlds, magic, mythical creatures, or quite a few other things. Instead, I make sure to know what I write.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Know what you write. Research is key. Get the small things (colors, smells, emotions, textures … etc) right, so the big things (dragons, magic, mythology …etc) are believable.

Thank you Konstanz Silverbow for participating in this author interview. 

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Author Interview: Erin Bedford

Q: How did you get into fantasy?

I’ve always loved reading fantasy. From Harry Potter to Anita Blake. So, it was pretty simple to figure out that was the kind of stories I wanted to tell. Eventually, I might expand into more contemporary or maybe even Science fiction but at the moment Fantasy is my niche.

Q: What is your latest fantasy release?

My latest release is Bound by Hell. It is book two of my new Urban Fantasy Series, The Mary Wile Chronicles. The series follows a former archangel turned detective as she tries to find her way back to heaven and get revenge on the demons who hurt her. It’s honestly becoming one of my favorite series to write!

Q: What inspired you to write your first fantasy book? How long did it take?

My first fantasy book was a fantasy romance called Flames of Auriel. It has since then been renamed to Song of Blood and Fire and is a series of standalones in the prelude of a global war. I was inspired to write this story by one day wanting a more adult version of the cartoon Swan Princess, then it just evolved from there.

It took me about two weeks to write the first draft and then a month or so to edit it and then even longer for me to decide to publish it on my own.

Q: What sub-genre of fantasy do your books/series fall under? Is there a different sub-genre of fantasy that you would like to experiment writing in and why?

All of my books are fantasy of one kind or another. I have one that is fantasy romance, two series that are urban fantasy, and then a whole fairy tale bad boys series that is paranormal romance. In addition, I have a couple of standalones which are also paranormal romance.

Q: What makes your book(s)/series stand out?

I think, personally, it’s the humor. I’m not a very serious persona and always try to lighten the mood by throwing a bit of humor in (whether it be dark or not). To people in the real world I’m not that funny but ask any of my readers and they’ll say I’m a blast!

Q: How do you come up with your stories?

Depends. Since I do retellings of fairy tales alot of the times it’s just me changing the story to how I would have wanted it to turn out. With some of my other stories it’s usually just something as simple as a thought or image that flashes through my mind at random. My book Chasing Rabbits started from the Katy Perry song, Wide Awake.

Q: What is the next project you’re working on? When do you hope to have it available?

A: The current project I am working on is a paranormal romance called Granting Her Wish. It’ll be available at the end of the month and is available on all retailers while it is on preorder.

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Song of Blood & Fire:
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Granting Her Wish:

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Author Interview: Phil Tucker

Q: How did you get into fantasy? 

It’s been a lifelong passion, truth be told. Back when I was a kid there were these Fighting Fantasy books with bright green spines, and I bought as many of them as I could out of an insatiable desire to experience the wonder and magic contained within their covers. They were like Choose Your Own Adventure books, but replete with ruins, demons, haunted forests, bizarre dungeons, cruel magi, horrific monsters and so much more. Combine that with my love for the board game HeroQuest, and I was pretty much doomed at a young age to love the genre.

The first real books that swept me away however were David Gemmel’s Drenai Saga, and they made such an impact on me that I ended up writing my college application essay on their themes. Those early influences indelibly marked me, such that when I realized I wanted to be a writer, there was no question as to what I was going to write: my highest goal is to inculcate in other kids the same breathless joy I felt as I turned those pages so long ago.

Q: What is your latest fantasy release?

Book 4 of my Chronicles of the Black Gate! It’s called The Iron Circlet, and is the penultimate book in the series. I’ve been thrilled with how well it’s been received, and while discussing it might prove too spoilerific for those who haven’t yet checked out Book 1, suffice to say that everything’s moving deliciously into an endgame, with characters getting tested to their limits (and in some cases being broken) while world threatening menaces emerge to do battle. It’s called epic fantasy for a reason, right?



Q: What fantasy book are you reading now? Are there any new authors that have caught your attention?

I’m currently making my way through Josiah Bancroft’s ARM OF THE SPHINX, book 2 in his TOWER OF BABEL series. It’s brilliantly written, with a precise, poetic language that makes following the adventures of his headmaster-cum-pirate captain a true delight.

Q: What are your favorite fantasy tropes? Which ones do you wish would die?

Let’s see, how about one of each? One of my favorite fantasy tropes is the well-executed learning montage. Whether it’s our hero first learning how to wield a blade or being taught how to weave magic, those first lessons always give me a thrill.

As for a trope I wish would die? I’m pretty tired of the Big Bad Evil coming out of the frigid north.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

If you want to be commercially successful, don’t think of writing as an art but rather as a craft. You only get better through constant practice, and waiting for inspiration to strike will leave you waiting forever. Sit down, get your hands on the keyboards, and write. It’s fine if your first draft is awful – you can refine it. But if you don’t get that first draft down, if you never commit yourself to telling your tale, you’ll never be able to call yourself an actual writer.

Q: What were some challenges you faced when you published and how did you overcome them?

There have been plenty of challenges, but the toughest was figuring out how to get my books in front of readers. It’s not enough to simply upload your book to Amazon these days and hope for the best. I did that for years and got nothing out of it other than self-doubt.

I overcame this obstacle by stumbling upon the Writer’s Cafe at Kindle Boards. There was a wealth of advice and experience being shared there at the time, and I profited immensely by reading about what successful authors were doing. That’s where I learned the importance of paying for a professional cover, workshopping your blurb to death, how to use keywords to your greatest advantage, how to control the length of your Look Inside sample, and how best to use promotions to tickle the Amazon algorithm so that it would do your marketing for you.

Q: What is the next project you’re working on? When do you hope to have it available?

I’m almost done with Book 5 of the Chronicles, and I hope to have that out by the end of July. Then it’s on to finish the Godsblood Trilogy, which should be done by the end of summer, and then? I’ve got a bunch of ideas swirling around in my head, but I’m not sure yet which one I’ll be tackling. I can’t wait to find out, however.

Thank you Phil Tucker for participating in this author interview. You can find Phil’s books on Amazon.

Author Interview: Holly Evans

Q: How did you get into fantasy?
It didn’t really take any thought, it’s where I naturally started writing to be honest. It brings together my love of myths, magic, and mayhem! I write Urban Fantasy specifically because I love the idea of the supernatural being right there, in the shadows, and just around the next corner. It’s such a fun concept, that if you look in the right place at the right time you’ll fall into this whole hidden world.

Q: What is your latest fantasy release?  I’m not sure if Ink Bound counts as it’s up for pre-order rather than live, so either that or Blood & Ink – both books in my Ink Born series. That follows Dacian the gay tattoo magician. I can’t really say too much about either of them as they’re books two and three, and thus have spoilers. They’re set in what I call my Ink world, which is a huge fantasy kitchen sink. It has over twenty types of magic, and every magical creature and being I can think of. It’s such amazing fun to play in, and I love the Ink Born characters.



Q: What inspired you to write your first fantasy book? How long did it take?
My first fantasy book is a trunk novel that will never see the light of day, it was awful! It started with an image I had of the protagonist on the run from her past, and her past was catching up with her. Everything built up around that opening image. I wrote 120,000 words in 6 weeks.

My first published fantasy is Infernal Bonds, which is book 2 of the Infernal Hunt series, but it’s the first full novel in the series. That came from my desire to write about twins and the amazing bond between them. I wanted to write a book with strong platonic bonds, with an amazing female friendship, and family both blood and chosen. Oh and a sexy hellhound, I wanted one of those too! It took me about a month to write, I write reasonably quickly.

Q: What makes your book(s)/series stand out?

The Infernal Hunt series is set in Prague, there aren’t many Urban Fantasies set there. The Ink Born series has a gay protagonist who’s a tattoo magician. As far as I can tell, there’s one series with a tattoo magician out there. I dug around trying to find some for a couple of years before I just wrote my own! There are a few urban fantasies with LGBT+ protagonists, but combining that with the tattoo magic makes the Ink Born series stand out from the crowd.

Q: Which of your books do you believe resonated with readers the most? Why do you think it received that attention?

Stolen Ink (Ink Born 1). From what I can see, readers loved that Dacian’s a gay guy who’s fleshed out as a real person. He’s not sex obsessed, there’s far more to him that his sexuality. That and the world. People seem to really enjoy the big intricate ink world that I’ve built for Dacian to live in. There’s so much there to explore (I really love that world!). I don’t think everyone gelled with Dacian himself, at least not immediately, but they seemed to really enjoy everyone around him. He has some fantastic friendships that were fantastic fun to write, and I tried to make them feel real. Add in the tattoo magic, and Kyra the cat, and people seem happy.

Q: What do you think makes a good story?

To me, a good story is one that’s engaging and vivid enough that I want to squeeze between the lines and live there within the story. It’s something that completely pulls the reader out of the real world, and allows them to live another life, even if only temporarily. It’s something that takes them on an emotional rollercoaster and leaves them with a buzz, a feeling of satisfaction at the end. A good story, to me, is one that makes the world a little bit brighter and life a bit more interesting and enjoyable.

Q: Do you have a favorite character from your books and/or series?

I know I’m probably supposed to say one of my protagonists, but I absolutely adore Tyn, he’s my broken little kitten. He’s a Cait Sidhe (a fae cat) that shows up in Blood & Ink. He’ll probably get his own series at some point. He has a tragic backstory, but he’s strong, and sweet, and absolutely adorable. Vyx is a close second. She’s a snarky, strong, takes no bull asexual vixen feral. She has no problems staring down alpha shifters that are twice her size, despite not being what you’d call the combat model. She’s an artist, a dainty little artist, but that doesn’t stop her from doing whatever she feels needs to be done. They’re both amazing, I have so much love for them.

Thank you Holly Evans for participating in this author interview. You can find Holly’s books at Amazon, follow her on Goodreads, and chat with her on Twitter