The Spear of Destiny – Ines Johnson

Chivalrous? Nah.

Virtuous? Not since…well, none of your business.

The difference between me and the Knights of the Round Table? I make medieval look good.

Loren Van Alst is an independent, twenty-first-century woman, an accused forger, a suspected thief, and the last descendant of Sir Galahad of the Arthurian court. To claim her seat at the Round Table and protect her newly found family of modern-day witches, she’ll need to convince the current Arthur and his knights to let a woman take the knights’ trials. But things go sideways when a crazed wizard goes on the loose with a magical spear that can strip a witch of her powers. As if that weren’t enough, the clique of mean girls from middle school arrives in Camelot and turn out to be witch hunters.

To safeguard a future she never knew she wanted, Loren will have to evade the hunters, defeat the wizard, capture the spear, and pass her trials. No one ever said becoming a kick-ass heroine would be easy!

Urban fantasy goes medieval in this modern day, action-packed, calamitous series of misadventures. Get The Spear of Destiny on Amazon here.

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Fantasy Releases

Pre-order: Celestial Tears by Holly Evans

I’m Kaitlyn Felis, and I’m bored of what should be my dream job.

Fein’s had me locked away in the alchemy lab instead of out treasure hunting. This may have led to my creating my own adventures, which might have gotten me into some hot water. Thankfully, Fein has a new artifact retrieval gig for me.

The Celestial Tears.

Erin, Logan, and Wispy are accompanying me on a trip around the world to find the incredibly dangerous stones. Of course, we’re not the only ones tracking them down. Our journey is perilous, but once I set out to retrieve an artifact, not even the gods will stop me.

Available now on Amazon

Fall of Magic

Fall of Magic boxset will be available in November 2017. 

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