Instafreebie Promotion – July 2017

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T.F. Walsh Binding Curse Firebolt Blaze Devyn Jayse Hinder Teaser Kristin Ping Guardian of Monsters The Stellar Life of a Superhero Wife Joynell Schultz The Silver Strand L.J. Clarkson Book 1 in the Mastermind Academy Series Cendrilla Perrault Chronicles Book One Cordelia Castle The Fey Man James T Kelly A New Dawn Jae Vogel Shadowbane Age of Aelfborn Paul Francois  Kaye Fairburn Hatchling The Wyvernette Series Book One S.C. Stokes A Coronation of Kings Dream Snatcher A City of Crows Novella Clara Coulson Murder at Raven's Lodge Lee Isserow Timothy Bond Prophecy's Queen The Five Warriors Angela J. Ford Hunt L.C. Mawson Born of Water Autumn M. Birt Shadow Sight Ivy Granger Psychic Detective E.J. Stevens Necromancer's Apprentice Necromantia Matthew Buza Earthshaker Robert T Jeschonek Anna Santos Guardian Angel Thieves and Wizards Jaxon Reed J.A. Culican Golden Dragon Keeper of Dragons Novella Veona Steve Turnbull Fire and Ice Icefire Trilogy Book 1 Patty Jansen The Soul Cages A Minister Knight Novel Nicole Givens Kurtz Holly Evans Infernal Ties Riley Russell Venture Schooling the Wolf Jacqueline Sweet Devon March Joe Jackson Salvation's Dawn Phil Tucker Escape from Bythos David J. Normoyle The Demon Mirror Dragongods Saga K R Fajardo K The Awakening Jessica Cage The Fire Within Linda Acaster Torc of Moonlight To Catch a Killer Amelia Wilson The Loiterers Lee Isserow Argenterra Book One Silverlands Donna Maree Hanson Christopher D. Morgan Sarah's Farewell A Portallas Short Story Christopher D. Morgan Andrew's Mission A Portallas Short Story The Seraphim Changelings Melinda R. Cordell Anais of Brightshire Jamie Wilson The Fall of an Overlord Kevin Potter Storm Wielder The Sword of Light Trilogy Aaron Hodges H.G. Chambers Recreance Book 1 The Aeternum Chronicles Savages Katherine Bogle  Eva Gordon The Stone of the Tenth Realm Curse Breaker Enchanted The More Epic Version Melinda Kucsera Returning Episode One A.L. Knorr Allison D. Reid Journey to Aviad SB James The Inventor's Son Ferrasium Wendy Scott Alycia Linwood Different Ellis Logan Shades of Valhalla Gloam Jaime Munn Craig A Price Jr. Heart of Ikchani Renee Scattergood Shadow Stalker Dean C. Moore Blood Brothers Liz Meldon Court of the Phantom Queen Brianna West Awakening Promiscus Guardians Blaze Devyn Jayse CK Dawn Cloak of Echoes Liesel K. Hill Persistence of Vision D.N. Hoxa Assassin Casey Herzog Tower of Ayia Kara Jaynes Fabled Adrian G Hilder The General's Legacy Lisa Manifold Thea's Tale Tarah Krace Chasing the Moonlight Joss Dey Undertow Kevin the Vampire Will Madden Alicia Michaels Daughter of the Red Moon B. Kristin McMichael The Witchling Apprentice Dyan Chick Tales of Illaria Max and Saffron Liesel K. Hill The Hatching Rebel's Blade The Aermian Feuds Frost Kay Davy Lyons Urban Myth Part One Awakening A Dystopian Urban Fantasy Abuse of Power Brian W. Foster Lisa Blackwood Sorceress Awakening