Instafreebie Promotion – August 2017

Welcome to the August instafreebie promotion. In this month’s promotion fantasy authors share their excerpts, previews, short stories, and books. Click on the cover to download your selection from instafreebie.

Jake Allen Coleman Gabriel's Sword Alexander Grant The Lion Prophecy Blaze Devyn Jayse Redemption Tora Moon The Song of Sirin Nicholas Kotar Mother's Misfortune Cordelia Castel Holly Evans Infernal Bonds The Fiasco in News Sephan Morse M.V. Stott Familiar Magic Fate of the Hybrid A.K.Koonce Scattered Smothered Chunked John G. Hartness Necromancer's Apprentice Matthew Buza Alexander Grant The Forbidden City When Darkness Breaks Brianna West Chasing Rabbits Erin Bedford Shades of Valhalla Ellis Logan Through Rain and Missing Mantaurs Jeanne Marcella The Felix Chronicles R.T. Lowe D.N. Hoxa Assassin Linda Jordan Faerie Unravels Betrayals Price Lisa Blackwood The Warlock's Friend Dean C. Moore Tiger Lily K. Bird Lincoln T.J. Green Tom's Inheritance Mine to Tarnish Janeal Falor Dragons of Frost and Fire Susan Brown Robert Jeschonek Dolphin Knight Miranda Honfleur Winter Wren Casey Herzog Tower of Ayia A Magical Reckoning N. R. Hairston Curse Breaker Enchanted The More Epic Version Melinda Kucsera Liesel K. Hill Persistence of Vision Aaron Hodges Storm Wielder Merlin's Secret Jamie Davis Goddess Awakening A. Evermore Simone Leigh Red as Blood Lavish Jane Stain B. Kristin McMichael The Witchling Apprentice Xavier EM Cooper Davy Lyons Urban Myth Part One Awakening A Dystopian Urban Fantasy Virgo D.N. Leo Thunder Hunter R Medhurst Demon's Fever T.F. Walsh Rita Stradling Hazel Dominus J.Rose Allister Ferrasium Wendy Scott White Wolf of Avalon Eva Gordon Steve Turnbull Veona First Light Liberty Gilmore Sylphide K. Gorman The Immortals S.M. Schmitz Schooling the Wolf Jacqueline Sweet Devon March Kara Jaynes Unbound Enchantment Stonecoat Amanda Booloodian The Sound of the Stones Beth Hammond The Beast of London L.D. Gofsigan Lizzy's First Bearer James E. Wisher Jackson Lear A God Among Thieves Magic Tracked Caethes Faron A Sprig of Holly J.A. Clement Jebediah's Crime Phan Tran